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Parker University Chiropractic Wellness Clinics are an education healthcare facility. Parker University, College of Chiropractic has a reputation as a premiere choice for students to receive training towards their career as a doctor of chiropractic.  The Parker Clinics aims to train chiropractors through patient service.

Since our care is aimed at helping patients and training future chiropractors, the flow of our service must accommodate both initiatives.  All patient care is monitored by a licensed doctor of chiropractic and your relationship is with the doctor assigned to you.  Your doctor will meet you and provide you with contact information so you can reach him or her if you have additional questions or concerns.  Your service will be rendered by an intern.  Interns are future chiropractors in training who have not completed their education.  All of your service may be completed by one intern or you may receive service from different interns.

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